BC Honour System to come in Patch 1.13


No Drenai,
No Blood Elfs,
No Outlands,
No Arena PVP
No leveling up

New Talents, the full 41 point talent trees, and talent reset.
New PVP Honour System.




Guide to the New Honour System

Current for the PVP Rank rewards, when you get a rank you can buy the items at the rank for gold.
In the new system there are no ranks.
You earn ‘Honour Points’ for killing players and you continue to earn the ‘Mark of Honour’ for winning in AB, AV and WSG.
(プレイヤーを殺したとき’Honour Point’を獲得します。そしてAB、AV、WSGで勝利したとき’Mark of Honour’を獲得します)
You you have enough Honour Points and Marks you can hand them in for a PVP Rank item.
(あなたが十分な’Honour Point’と’Mark of Honour’があるなら、PvPランクアイテムを手にする事ができます)
There also used to be the BG Reputation items, that when you got enough rep with a BG faction you could go to their vendor outside that BG and buy items from them.
(また、あなたが十分なReputationがあるのなら、BG ReputationアイテムをVenderから買うことが出来ました)
Those vendors are still there but instead of costing gold and reputation, the items now cost Honour Points and Marks of Honour.
(Vendorはまだいます。しかし、GoldとReputationを費やすかわりに、’Honour Point’と’Marks of Honour’を使ってアイテムを購入することができます)



Here are the Honor Points and Marks

As you can see there is also now an ‘Eye of the Storm’ Mark, presumable this will be a new BG in the expansion.
(あなたは’Eye of the Storm’ Markを今見れると思いますが、これは拡張で登場するあたらしいBGです)
Also you can now hold up to 100 of each Mark.
These are the same as the existing Marks so might be useful to save up 20 of each of them before the patch comes.




Rank 14 Weapons

As you can see the 2 Handers cost 20,000 Honour Points and 40 AV Marks.
(2Hand Weaponのコストは、20000Honourと40AV Marks)
The 1 Handers cost 10,000 Honour Points and 20 AB Marks.
(1Hand Weaponのコストは、10000Honourと20AB Marks)




Rank 12-13 Armours

Feet – 8250 Honour Point & 20 AB Marks
Hands – 8250 Honour Point & 20 AV Marks
Legguards – 12750 Honour Point & 30 WSG Marks
Chest – 13500 Honour Point & 30 AB Marks
Head – 12750 Honour Point & 30 AV Marks
Shoulder – 8250 Honour Point & 20 AB Marks

63750 Honour Point
70 AB Marks
50 AV Marks
30 WSG Marks



BG Reputaion Items

AB Reputation Item
AV Reputation Item
WSG Reputation Item



BCがきたら、これらのアイテムはゴミになる可能性が高い(PvP Setにしても、Lv70用のが用意されるので)